ZenCart - Viva Payments with instalments


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This VivaWallet ZenCart payment gateway is designed for making credit card payments through Viva Payments.

This payment gateway uses the redirect method where the user is redirected to the processing site (Viva Payments) to make the actual payment.

After payment verification, Viva Payments notifies the merchant's e-commerce site and returns the customer back to it. This process is transparent for the customer. The merchant can then connect to his Viva Payments backoffice to administer his payments.

This payment module supports free instalments.

Licensed per domain, write the domain name(s) on payment page.
You will receive the module by e-mail after your payment.

Compatible with Zen Cart 1.3.8 - 1.3.9 - 1.5
The package includes installation instructions.
VivaWallet - vivapayments.com
Server requirements: PHP 5.2+ / ionCube loader

Plugin version: 1.5.7
Last plugin update: 28-05-2021

Installation Instructions:
Upload the files to their corresponding locations on your server.
Install the module through your admin / Modules / Payment and configure your settings

At Vivawallet create a new payment source,
Success page: index.php?main_page=checkout_process&act=vivawallet&status=success
Fail page: index.php?main_page=checkout_process&act=vivawallet&status=fail

-An optinal webhook URL can be set in your Vivawallet backoffice -> Settings/API Access/Webhooks, this assures the order will be handled correctly in case the customer does not return to the estore after the transaction:
WEBHOOK URL: http(s)://(www.)your_domain.com/index.php?main_page=checkout_process&act=vivawallet&status=webhook

Vivawallet setup:
You can find your Merchant ID and API Key when you login your business account under Settings - API Access.

To connect the plugin with your e-commerce platform and Vivawallet you would have to create a new Payment Source in your Vivawallet business account, use the generated source code (usually a four digit number) in the plugin settings.

You can create a new Payment Source from the menu My Sales - Payment Sources - New Website/App.
Code - use this code in your plugin
Source Name - provide a logic name here
Linked Wallet - link the payment source to the wallet you want to use with it
Protocol - in case your e-commerce platform uses SSL on the checkout select https, otherwise use https
Integration method - redirection
Company Logo - your png company logo to display on the Vivawallet payment page
Success URL - as described in the plugin instructions
Failure URL - as described in the plugin instructions
Advanced Configuration - usually no need to make any changes here

Wait until Vivawallet has activated your newly created Payment Source before activating the plugin in your e-commerce platform.