What is ionCube? How to install?

Our extensions are encoded by ionCube and not open source. Every purchase means a lifetime license for a purchased module, and there is no problem using the extension.

ionCube loader is the PHP extension that decodes encrypted PHP files at runtime. Most commercial hosting companies have ionCube loader already installed.

How can I check if installed ionCube;


Download this file and upload it to your site. Then browse

If you see a success message, it means that your site has loaded ioncube and you can install and use our extensions without any problem.

If ionCube is not installed on your server:

You should contact the administrator of your server's Hosting Company if it is not installed on your server. ionCube Loader is free, and installation is easy.

If you want to do it yourself, you can download it and read the installation instructions.

Server IP and TLS 1.2 test tools

Download this file, unpack it and upload the curlip.php file to your webserver. Then access the file with your browser

On top of the page it should show the IP address your server is using on port 443, this IP can differ from the port your server is using on port 80 (when for example you ping your domain).

Just do this once, in case you execute this script multiple times, you might run into an auto block on my server.