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The importance of having good texts on your website.

    Saturday 01 October, 2011  
Did you know that a good, thoughtful text, can often offer a hundred percent more result than a standard text? The texts on your website are very important.

More important than most people think. Sometimes, even only a strong headline (header) above your page text will make much difference. The design of your website is also important, but ultimately it are the texts that are most important.

We will spend some time on improving texts on your website. Ensuring that your website will bring a higher return of investment!

First we will discuss some aspects that you can have a look at and then we will get started with some concrete steps.


It starts with thinking about your audience. You can not do everything for everyone, so communicate clearly with your audience. Communicate as much as possible about subjects that your visitors might be interested in and not so much about yourself.

Do not talk about the product itself, but about what the product can do for the visitor. How using the product can make his or her life easier, nicer and more pleasant. You can easily do that by translating the product features into benefits.

On the Internet, credibility is also an important issue. Anyone can start a site and hang up a story. Try to establish your credibility by using facts that are verifiable. Another way is through independent third parties such as your customers who might have something good to say, for example, by means of a testimonial.

Text Structure

The best way to put your text together is by making it quickly searchable (Scannable). So that visitors can take out the key points by taking a glance at the text. You can do such by making good headline and sub-headlines and making short paragraphs holding key words (in bold).

Finally, do will do a good job by informing your visitors on how to proceed after reading the text and guide them through the steps to follow. For example, ask to order a product, to create an account, to download something or to write a testimonial.

Getting Started: a few simple steps to quickly improve your website

-Identify the three pages on your website that have the most importance.

-In any case, your home page will be one of those 3, but maybe you also have other pages that are very important. Check it out and note them.

-Evaluate the texts on the three pages using the following points:
  •  Does this text fit mainly to my audience, or is it fit for everyone?
  •  Do I talk about me or my company, or do I talk about the environment of my client?
  •  Do I talk about the specifics of the product or about the benefits of the product?
  •  Are there large blocks of text or small chunks of texts (paragraphs)?
  •  Is it easy to scan the texts, or does everything look the same?
  •  Are you credible? Doest the text give a reliable impression?
  •  Are you guiding your visitors to the next step, or do you leave them wandering?
-Let someone else review the three pages on above points.

-Take action and start with improving the areas where your website texts have the worst scores.

Good luck!

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