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This Borica PrestaShop payment gateway is designed for making credit card payments through Borika (Bulgaria).

This payment gateway uses the redirect method where the user is redirected to the processing site (Borica) to make the actual payment.

After payment verification, Борика notifies the merchant's e-commerce site and returns the customer back to it. This process is transparent for the customer. The merchant can then connect to his Borica backoffice to administer his payments.

Compatible with PrestaShop 1.4 - 1.6
The package includes installation instructions.
Server requirements: PHP 5.2+ / ionCube loader

Plugin version: 1.1
Last plugin update: 24-07-2022

Installation Instructions:
This is a module for receiving payments with Borica cards, Visa and MasterCard in the Bulgarian Union of banks Borica. Install the module through your stores module manager (add new module)

1. First step is getting a virtual POS terminal from Bulgarian bank. POS terminal open your account in Bulgarian bank system Borica. After signing the contract the bank will want from you to create on your server 3 private keys and 3 requests for certification / as given to you written instructions by the bank /. You should archive these files and sent to the bank. The bank wills response with certificates for access Borica. One certificate is for access to your account in real-time, the second is for testing.

2. Second step is the installation of the module itself in the file system of your online store. Upload the entire borica directory to the stores modules directory (ftp/ssh)

3. Third step is the activation and setup of the module in admin panel. Checking -Live server- and insert the appropriate fields to the live key will activate actual payments. Checking -Test server- and insert the appropriate fields to the test key will activate testing payments. Installation of the key outside the webroot would be preferable.

4. Make proper translation through PrestaShops -Tools / Translations / Module translations- for each language your store is using.

5. In this last step you have to specify for the operator in the bank, which is the responding page in your online store. To this responding page Borica will return each payment request. Form the URL as following example: http(s)://