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This Piraeus Bank HikaShop payment gateway is designed for making credit card payments through Piraeus Bank (Greece).

This payment gateway uses the redirect method where the user is redirected to the processing site (Piraeus Bank) to make the actual payment.

After payment verification, Piraeus Bank notifies the merchant's e-commerce site and returns the customer back to it. This process is transparent for the customer. The merchant can then connect to his Piraeus Bank backoffice to administer his payments.

This payment module supports free instalments.

Compatible with HikaShop 4.x/5.x - Joomla! 4.x/5.x
Piraeus Bank Paycenter - ePos Redirection method
The package includes installation instructions.
Server requirements: PHP 5.2+ / ionCube loader

Plugin version: 4.0.4
Last plugin update: 24-01-2022

Installation Instructions:
1) Install the [plg_winbnk_hikashop.zip] plugin through Joomla extension manager (Install).
2) Activate and configure the Hikashop Winbank Payment Plugin (HikaShop / System / Payment methods).
3) Inform your bank about the used IP, URLs and method:

Webserver IP: The IP address of the server thats is hosting your website.

Site URL: example: http(s)://(www.)mysite.gr/
Referer page: http(s)://(www.)mysite.gr/plugins/hikashoppayment/winbnk/pay.php
Success page: http(s)://(www.)mysite.gr/plugins/hikashoppayment/winbnk/return.php
Failure page: http(s)://(www.)mysite.gr/plugins/hikashoppayment/winbnk/return.php
Cancel/Backlink page: http(s)://(www.)mysite.gr/index.php?option=com_hikashop&ctrl=checkout&task=notify&notif_payment=winbnk&tmpl=component&wbcancel

Response Method: POST

Instalment logic configuration:
Example: 90:3,180:6
Explained: 90 euro order total->allow 0 and 3 instalments, 180 euro order total->allow 0, 3 and 6 instalments
Leave empty to disable instalments