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Please note that is not related to and has no affinity with any of mentioned payment providers and e-commerce software. Advertised products are programmed bridges that can be used after signing up with a specific payment provider and with using a specific e-commerce platform.

All orders will be invoiced (from Cyprus).



Didn't find a module for your favorite bank?

In case you did not find a payment module for your bank (for example Geniki Bank or Marfin Egnatia Bank), we offer to develop your payment module.
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Suggest an e-commerce platform

Inform us in case we left out your favorite e-commerce platform and make a suggestion to develop a payment module for it.
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Larnaca Key Holding Services
Larnaca Key Holding Services in Cyprus »


Please have a look at our store builder packages that are listed under your favorite ecommerce software categories to serve you in an economic, fast and simple way.

In case you need a more sophisticated and specialized solution, Webit offers custom e-commerce solutions from 480 euro! You can find examples in the portfolio area.

Just fill the form below and mention your needs for functionality and design and we will provide you with a free quote.


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