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In case you did not find a payment module for your bank (for example Geniki Bank or Marfin Egnatia Bank), we offer to develop your payment module.
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Inform us in case we left out your favorite e-commerce platform and make a suggestion to develop a payment module for it.
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Blog Articles
06/12/2014 Electronic commerce continues to grow
The online commerce sector is growing and maturing in Greece, especially in the business-to-consumer section. Consumers using the Internet for their purchases are on the rise and companies investing in online sales are being rewarded by buyers, the annual survey of the Electronic Trade Laboratory of the University of Athens -ELTRUN- has found. In 2014, Greek…
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17/10/2014 E-commerce posted 25 pct rise
E-commerce posted 25 pct rise in 2013 Electronic commerce turnover grew 25 percent last year compared with 2012, reaching 3.2 billion euros, according to a report on online trade in Southern Europe published on Thursday by Ecommerce Europe. This is attributed to the proliferation of online offers and discounts in the crisis period. This rapid increase in Int…
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26/06/2014 Greek e-shops showing improvement
Greek e-shops showing improvement in services, confidentiality, study finds Of the 4,500 to 5,000 e-shops currently doing business in Greece, two-thirds offer full, reliable services and safe exchanges, a study due to be presented on Thursday has found. The annual study by the E-Business Research Center -ELTRUN- for 2013 notes significant improvements in loc…
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04/09/2013 Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization -SEO- is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine-s "-natural"- or un-paid -"-organic"-- search results. In general, the earlier -or higher ranked on the search results page-, and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive…
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13/08/2013 Certification organization with PCI DSS by Odyssey
Odyssey, proudly announces the completion of the first project with PCI DSS certification made by a Cypriot organization. The work was done for European service companies -Level 1 Payment Cards Processing Service Provider-. The aim of the project was the evaluation and certification body in accordance with standard Payment Card Industry Data Security Standar…
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23/03/2013 E-shopping wins over more fans
As the recession continues, online purchases are continuing to grow in Greece, according to a survey of 6,500 households by the Hellenic Statistical Service -ELSTAT-. The survey, which covers the first quarter of 2012, found that 26 percent of all Internet users had made online purchases, compared to just 14 percent in the same period of 2011. This brings th…
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06/12/2012 Travel and clothing websites help e-commerce expand
Online commerce is growing in Greece but the rate is still trailing the European Union average, according to the annual survey conducted by the Electronic Commerce Laboratory at the Athens University of Economics and Business -AUEB-. The survey found that online buying is rapidly expanding here as consumers become more familiar with information technology, f…
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01/04/2012 Online retail could help boost Greek growth
The Greek government should take a leaf out of South Korea-s book and invest in better networks and getting more people online, a study which measures how the Web raises GDP levels said on Friday. While many European countries make noticeable gains in their economic output as the Internet makes shopping cheaper and helps new businesses grow quickly, Greece-s…
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21/02/2012 E-commerce working for electronics retailers
By Theodora Liakopoulou - - 12-02-2012 The search for better prices in electronics and electrical equipment is turning an increasing number of consumers to online shopping sites, where they can easily spot special offers and prices as low as 30 percent below the retail price asked at traditional stores. At the same time, they can also see wh…
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15/10/2011 Googe ranking and keywords
About 90 percent of the Europeans use Google for their online searches, so it is logical that all webmasters want to have a first page position at Google. Therefore we will spend the necessary time on this matter and I will guide you with some concrete steps to actually make changes to your site and get a higher ranking in…
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08/10/2011 Determine the right keywords for your website
Let-s explore how people search the Internet and what words they use to search on. This is important because we need to adapt our website to those searches. We must adjust the keywords on our web pages. What is a keyword anyway- A keyword or a keyword combination is a search term. This may be more than one loose word.…
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01/10/2011 The importance of having good texts on your website.
Did you know that a good, thoughtful text, can often offer a hundred percent more result than a standard text- The texts on your website are very important. More important than most people think. Sometimes, even only a strong headline -header- above your page text will make much difference. The design of your website is also important, but ultimately it…
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