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Please note that is not related to and has no affinity with any of mentioned payment providers and e-commerce software. Advertised products are programmed bridges that can be used after signing up with a specific payment provider and with using a specific e-commerce platform.

All orders will be invoiced (from Cyprus).



Didn't find a module for your favorite bank?

In case you did not find a payment module for your bank (for example Geniki Bank or Marfin Egnatia Bank), we offer to develop your payment module.
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Suggest an e-commerce platform

Inform us in case we left out your favorite e-commerce platform and make a suggestion to develop a payment module for it.
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What IP does my server use on port 443?
Download this file, unpack it and upload the curlip.php file to your webserver. Then access the file with your browser

On top of the page it should show the IP address your server is using on port 443, this IP can differ from the port your server is using on port 80 (when for example you ping your domain).

Just do this once, in case you execute this script multiple times, you might run into an auto block on my server.